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Our job boards connect diverse talent to inclusive employers who are proactively sourcing talent from underrepresented groups

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No aggregators here!

We only work with direct employers and all applications are made directly from our job boards to the employer’s careers sites. Every click to apply goes straight to an employer.

Fully compatible with ALL Applicant Tracking Systems. We can implement your roles onto our boards within 24/48 hours

We attract Diverse traffic by working with our programmatic partner, investing into Google and Bing PPC. With over 11,000 unique weekly visits to our boards we attract a higher concentration of diverse job boards than traditional generalist job boards.

Job seekers can address their primary concerns, competing for jobs where they believe they have a fair chance of being hired and accepted regardless of their sexual preference, age, religion, race, disability and gender.

Why We Do This

Why do we do this?

Diversity and inclusion are some of the most popular topics of the 21st century, as more companies than ever recognise the role they play in forging an equal society. The problem isn’t a lack of enthusiasm for diverse candidates, but rather a lack of understanding of how to find and engage them from the start of the hiring journey. We know that rather than passively waiting for a diverse candidate pool to come to you, you can proactively source talent from underrepresented groups direct from our boards

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Our Story

Our Story

Founder Joe Sweeney and Managing Director Nicky Wright have known and worked together in various guises over the years. Like many a good story, this started with a random conversation about how employers can attract diverse talent. Nicky passionately described how important it is to engage with all talent from the beginning of the hiring journey so employers have a greater pool to recruit from. Underrepresented groups and communities may often not feel comfortable applying for roles on generalist boards, so, why not create job boards they will feel more comfortable applying for.

Why? Because the hiring employers have a strong diversity and inclusion strategy. It's a Win: Win so in 2020 Diversity Jobs Group was founded with Nicky joining full-time in 2021.